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AC Motors

在线看黄av免费Bodine AC gearmotors and motors are a low-cost, zero-maintenance drive solution. The Bodine line of AC motors and geared motors features five frame sizes (30R, 34R, 42R and 48R and K2), with all stock models designed and rated for continuous-duty applications. Synchronous and non-synchronous motors windings are available for use with 115, 230 and 460VAC power supplies. Because they have no brushes or springs, AC motors are an excellent choice for applications where no maintenance and quiet operation are required. Typical applications include industrial automation, conveyors, food processing equipment, laboratory or medical devices, or basic pumping and metering applications.

Bodine manufactures four basic types of AC motors:

Permanent split capacitor (PSC) gear motors require a continuous-duty, motor run-capacitor to provide starting torque. Bodine type “CI” and “YC” models are designed for single-speed (fixed-speed) applications using single-phase AC power. They are recommended for continuous duty applications or start-stop applications with up to 10 starts per minute.

Split-phase gearmotors and motors (types “SI” and “SY”) use an auxiliary winding to provide starting torque rather than a capacitor. The start winding will be cut out via a centrifugal switch once the motor reaches 70% of its rated operating speed. These motors are primarily used in continuous duty applications, but can be found start-stop applications with up to six starts per hour.

在线看黄av免费Three-phase, fixed-speed gear motors (types “PP” and “YP”) and motors can be used in factories and other environments where 230/460V AC is available. They provide higher starting torque and higher efficiency than permanent split capacitor models, and are recommended for continuous duty applications or start-stop applications with up to 10 starts per minute.

Bodine also offers a complete line of AC inverter-duty, three-phase gearmotors and matched inverter (VFD) speed controls for variable-speed applications. Dual voltage (230/460 VAC) stock models are available.

  • Maintenance free
  • Long-life
  • High starting torque
  • Higher efficiency than AC single-phase motors
  • Compact size


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30R Series AC Induction Motor

Speed / RPM: 1800 to 3400

Torque: 0.6 - 1.3 oz-in

Power / HP:在线看黄av免费 1/40 to 1/30

30R Series AC 3-Phase Inverter Duty Motor

Speed / RPM: 1700

Torque: 1.5 to 2.2 lb-in

Power / HP:在线看黄av免费 1/25 to 1/17

Metric 30R Series AC Motor

Speed / 1/min:在线看黄av免费 1400 to 2850

Torque: 1 to 2 Nm

Power / Watts:在线看黄av免费 18.19 to 19.12

34R Series AC Induction Motor

Speed / RPM:在线看黄av免费 1700 to 3400

Torque: 2.4 to 7.4 oz-in

Power / HP: 1/15 to 1/5

34R Series AC 3-Phase Inverter Duty Motor

Speed / RPM: 1700 to 1800

Torque:在线看黄av免费 4.4 to 9.3 oz-in

Power / HP:在线看黄av免费 1/8 to 1/4

Metric 34R Series AC Motor

Speed / 1/min: 1400

Torque:在线看黄av免费 8.1 to 11 Nm

Power / Watts: 74.57 to 99.43

42R Series AC Induction Motor

Speed / RPM: 1400 to 3450

Torque:在线看黄av免费 3 to 9.2 oz-in

Power / HP:在线看黄av免费 1/12 to 1/4

42R Series AC 3-Phase Inverter Duty Motor

Speed / RPM: 1700

Torque: 13.9 lb-in

Power / HP: 3/8

Metric 42R Series AC Motor

Speed / 1/min: 1400

Torque: 11 to 15.3 Nm

Power / Watts:在线看黄av免费 99.43 to 149.14

48R Series AC Induction Motor

Speed / RPM:在线看黄av免费 1400 to 1800

Torque: 11.6 to 18.5 oz-in

Power / HP:在线看黄av免费 1/5 to 1/2

48R Series AC 3-Phase Inverter Duty Motor

Speed / RPM: 1700 to 1800

Torque:在线看黄av免费 11.6 to 27.8 lb-in

Power / HP: 1/3 to 3/4

K-2 Series AC Induction Motor

Speed / RPM:在线看黄av免费 1200 to 3600

Torque: 0.31 to 3.2 oz-in

Power / HP: 1/1600 to 1/200

Metric K-2 Series AC Motor

Speed / 1/min: 1250

Torque: 0.3 Nm

Power / Watts: 2.49

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